What can you do?

Orthopaedic Surgeons/Trainees, Industry Members, Research Scientists

  • Find moments to offer mentorship. Mentorship doesn’t have to be formal; a moment of mentorship can lead to a lifetime of impact. Read this Forbes article for further an alternative view on mentorship.

  • Encourage an inclusive workplace/orthopaedic department. Watch Fergal Monsell speak on ways to create an inclusive orthopaedic department.

  • Be a sponsor for junior talent or seek a sponsor/proteges relationship. Want more diverse senior leadership? Advocate for junior talent. Read more on sponsorship in this Harvard Business Review’s article.

  • Create visible role models. Diverse panels and leadership inspire and engage diverse students and staff. “You can be it if you can see it.”

  • Promote a flexible workplace. Learn why and how to create a flexible medical workforce through the Royal College of Physicians’ resource guide.

  • Minimise bias in selection – for training and promotion.

  • Promote your diversity events. IODA advertises orthopaedic diversity events through our global network. Connect with us at info@orthopaedicdiversity.org


Medical Students

  • Find an IODA mentor. Contact a member in your country by using the IODA Member Chat function (available to members only).

  • Contact your IODA Regional Representative to find out how you can be more involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives in your region.

  • Join your medical school surgical society. Surgical societies often offer fantastic leadership opportunities to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Join the International Association of Student Surgical Societies or attend their virtual events: www.iasss.org



  • Learn more. IODA holds an extensive curated library of diversity articles, podcasts & webinars in the Members Area of the website. Become a member today.

  • Attend diversity events. IODA promotes orthopaedic diversity events across the globe, many of which are free to attend.

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Contact your Regional Representative using the member chat function.

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