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Orthopedic surgeon



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Orthopaedic Diversity


I'm an orthopedic surgeon , mexican and in this moment president of my local collegue of orthopaedic surgeons in Xalapa, Veracruz. México. I'm working in the directive board of FEMECOT (Federacion Mexicana de colegios de ortopedia y traumatolgia A.C. ) as a secretary, network commitee and in charge of the diversity comittee recently.
My private practice in in Hospital Angeles Xalapa.

What made you join IODA?

Like a woman and orthopeadic surgeon in latin america I know first hand meaning of sexual discrimination, in Mexico we are working hard to create opportunities for our collegues and future generation of orthopeadic surgeons.
I think tha if we had more representation in international associatons and indentify with another women as an autority figure is more easy for other women and future generations to participate in academic forums and feel supported.
Is important too work for grater representation for the ethnic and sexual minorities

How have you approached DEI in your workplace?

In my workplace fortunately i dont have any problems.

How do you define inclusion?

Equal acces to opportunities and resources for all the members of a group or association although race, sex, religion or gender. Is a human right.

What is your proudest achievement?

In laboral aspect after many years in my city, I could achieve for the foundation of the local collegue of orthopedic surgeons, now I am the president in there, we recently participate in a free medical consultation campain with Rotaract in a little community with poor resources and no acces to specialty consultation. Now I'm working in the directive board on the FEMECOT.
I constantly promote the participation of other womens in academic activities and i take care of the diversity commitee.

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Itzel Vanessa Valladares Hernandez


Vanessa Valladares

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